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Nine years ago, a man with hair like a young Ronnie James Dio and the wardrobe of an older Mike Watt descended on the automotive universe with a little website called Jalopnik. Thousands of stories and millions of readers later, we're all somehow still here.


It's hard to believe that Jalopnik could have been wholly operated by just one guy, but OG Mike Spinelli was the only writer on this site until we could run enough Snorg Tees ads to hire a few more miscreants.

Now we're the best and, sometimes, biggest automotive enthusiast website in the world with half-a-dozen full-time staff, a dozen contributors, thousands of commenters, and millions of readers.


In order to celebrate our birth the staff is going to be using the new share tool to show the many new readers here why we came to love Jalopnik.

And I invite you to share your favorite stories in the comments of this post.


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