You All Think You're So Funny With Your Acronyms

TCS. ASR. DCTC. Acronyms in cars suck. But what if you have to get them all onto a steering wheel?

You all had fun trying to figure out what the buttons on this Nissan ZEOD RC steering wheel are trying to tell the driver. Although, if this previews the steering wheel for the next 370Z, we're all screwed as drivers will try to use the FLASH button for crude acts.


Some features may be useful in normal cars, though. Thank you, DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, for thinking this is what BOX means:

This button conceals the car in a cunning fashion to allow the driver to overtake without being blocked.

More cars need BOX, I think. Driving would be so much better.

Photo: Nissan

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