The Best Road-Going Race Cars In The World

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When a race car comes to the end of its useful life, there aren't many options as to what to do with it. Store in a warehouse, put it up in a museum, or maybe trot it out for a festival or two a few times a decade. The other option, though, is to turn it into a road car. That's the best option of all.


The McLaren F1 GTR was not only the fastest car on the street for over a decade, clocking in with a rev-limited top speed of 231 miles per hour, but it was blazingly quick on the track as well. You can only win at Le Mans so many times, though, before they change the rules or you're outclassed or, heaven forbid, newer, better technology comes a long. Luckily for us though, the McLaren F1 was a legend from the day it was born, and people know how to cherish legends.

A good portion of the GTRs have been converted into road-going monsters, enabling the masses to glimpse these unicorns every now and again. And what can be better than that?

Show us the best road-going race cars in the world!

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James Glickenhaus