Twice a year down in Beeville, Texas, the craziest and bravest power mongers in America get together for the celebration of speed that is the Texas Mile. For the last few years the twin-turbo Hennessey Ford GT dominated the speed records there — until this weekend, when a new GT obliterated the old record.


The Official Texas Mile Facebook Page reports that a 2,000 horsepower Ford GT built by M2K Motorsports annihilated the 267.6 mph record set this past March by 10.6 mph. That's right — this monstrous machine hit 278.2 mph during the Mile run.

Welcome to Insanetown, Texas, population one Ford GT.

M2K's website offers few details on this car, but the comments on the YouTube video indicate it was some kind of side project done by Hennessey employees. If you have info on this car, feel free to drop them in the comments.

At any rate, their car makes the old 257.7 mph record set way back in 2012 look positively slow. How much faster can a Ford GT get? I can't wait to see at next year's Mile.

Hat tip to Automatch and Matt at Chevy vs Ford for the video!

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