Video For Ultimate Driving Machine Says Precisely Nothing About Driving

What kind of person do you see driving the first-ever BMW 4-series Convertible? If your answer is a man who values the finer things in life that have nothing to do with driving a car, then you're not going to be surprised by what you see here.

BMWBlog posted a BMW video of the successor to the 3-series convertible being driven by a nice-looking dude to a weekend out on the coast where he meets up with a nice-looking woman. They have a nice-looking time drinking coffee and going on a boat and going to another restaurant and watching fireworks and doing a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with the car.


And, of course, there's a premium soundtrack. The song sounds like it came from a bad cotton commercial.

Sure, this guy drives his 428i at what appears to be a quick pace on a nice enough road, but this isn't a video to promote an "ultimate driving machine." This man appears to have the ultimate rich person's lifestyle, which makes me wonder this: Why can he only afford a 428i?

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Victorious Secret

Who cares about the driving? Do you think BMW does? I don't think they really care about it.

No body needs a reminder to know that the 3/4 will drive better than the A4/A5 and the C Class. Thats just THE rule when it comes to those 3 cars.

Do you think BMWs customers largely care? No. When you're sipping your latte in morning traffic, the last thing to cross your mind is how capable the chassis is at carving up apexes.

BMW is just marketing the way it knows actually matters. For every few people that wax poetry about great handling, hundreds more want to know how soft the leather is, how many cup holders there are, and does the sound system kick ass. Those people aren't wrong, they just have a very different set of requirements compared to us. They also tend to be the ones that like buying such cars, we tend not to.

QED, BMW advertising the way it knows actually makes sense to.