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Nicolas Hunziker already had a name for making striking pieces of art from great moments in automotive racing and history. But if you're the kind of person who thinks fine art looks better on a shirt than on a wall, here's your chance.


Hunziker is a fourth-generation professional painter and has racing in his lineage, too. He's done some great paintings of F1 and LeMans moments, just to scratch the surface.

Now he's selling a whole line of wearable stuff with his art on it, via Look no further if you're shopping for a Jalop in your life or have extra money to blow and want to get something all your friends won't get from J.Crew. Hunziker's stuff is pretty awesome.


You can even get shoes, which is about as close to walkable art as you can get. Hell, even the shoe box is a fantastic work of art. No one should mistake these for Ferrari shoes you got at the Puma outlet.

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