The Caterham 160 Is Not That Cheap After All

Two days ago, I got overexcited by a back-to-basics Caterham and told you it costs $29,580 in the UK fully built. I'm sorry, that was misleading at best.


Evo on the other hand got one to review, and also did the math properly. Turns out that while the 160 kit is indeed $24,183 or $29,580 put together, if you want paint on that aluminum, that's another $1,860. Weather protection, which in this case means a windscreen and the doors will set you back $2,021, while the heater is a $485 extra.


That means a Caterham 160 that's actually useable on the road costs $34,375 in the UK. For that many portraits of the Queen, you can get a limited edition 2.0-liter Mazda MX-5 Sport Graphite and a full tank of gas. Well, at least the car itself is small.

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Or you could get a V6 Mustang.