Watch A Road Raging Maniac Shoot At Another Driver On The Highway

An Indiana man was arrested for shooting a gun at another motorist on I-75 in Kentucky yesterday. Now that's road rage.


As you can see in the video, 51-year-old Perrin Dobyns rolls down the window of his black Lincoln LS and takes aim at the driver recording with his cell phone. It's difficult to tell if Dobyns actually fires on the other driver from the video, as you can't see any flash and road noise makes any sound difficult to hear. Police state, however that Dobyns did indeed fire on the other driver who was recording video of him driving recklessly, RTV6 News reports. Had the driver recording the video not slammed on the brakes in time, he could have been killed.

RTV6 News reports that Dobyns was arrested in the Indiana correctional facility where he works, and he will be officially charged when he is extradited to Kentucky.


United States really seems like a scary place to live in. I think I'd fear less for my life in a 3rd world country to be honest...