The Best Utes In The World

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Last Wednesday marked the 55th birthday of the Chevrolet El Camino, the thing most Americans probably picture when they think of a car that effectively doubles as a pickup.


It's only been in the last few years that trucks have become so civilized and leather-lined to take from the construction site to the Four Seasons without having to go home and switch your vehicle. But the ute popularized the idea of a car with a bed long, long ago as a way to have the ease of a car and the practicality of a bed.

The El Camino was part of a handful of utes offered in the U.S. over the years, but they've been going much stronger in other parts of the world for a long time. They can range from cheap and cheerful Subarus with tiny jumpseats to those big Holdens with Corvette engines lurking under the hood scoops. Fantastic.


So fire up the Kinja show us your favorite cars-with-beds in honor of the El Camino's birthday.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Does The Subaru Brat count?