Florida Woman Somehow Gets Stuck On 22-Foot Draw Bridge

Oh, Florida. You've gone and done it again, haven't you? One of your citizens is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. This time it's because a woman got... stuck on a draw bridge, somehow. How does stuff like this keep happening?

Actually, I feel pretty bad for this 55-year-old woman, who ended up on the railroad drawbridge (despite pedestrians being banned there and several posted warning signs) 22 feet in the air until firefighters pulled her down, NBC News reports. She has said that she is legally blind and that's what caused her to miss the warning signs.


Passers by caught the incident on camera and plastered it all over Twitter and YouTube while slightly more helpful people called 911, fearing her strength would give out and she would fall.

The woman, who just finished a breast cancer run, could face trespassing charges. In 2010 one person was killed and another injured when they got stuck on the bridge.

Oh, Florida. Never change. (Or maybe do, because this stuff is dangerous and crazy.)

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