The Second Lamborghini Veneno Is Now In Florida

That first production Lamborghini Veneno has landed in South Beach, Florida, and the even better news is that you'll be able to see it out there on the roads. That's a promise. » 1/27/14 10:20am 1/27/14 10:20am

You Won't Believe A Civic Driver Survived This Fast And Furious Crash

One of the more ridiculous moments in The Fast and the Furious series (and there are many to choose from) is when the modified Honda Civics drive under an 18-wheeler in the first film. I have always thought that was implausible. It turns out I was right. » 10/08/13 1:24pm 10/08/13 1:24pm

Giant Florida Sinkhole Swallows Tiny Smart Car

Sinkholes are no laughing matter. Unless, of course, they swallow up cars that we all agree are completely loathsome, like that Dodge Avenger in Chicago a while back. Here's another one we can add to that list: a Smart Fortwo swallowed by a sinkhole in our favorite state, Florida. » 9/20/13 3:59pm 9/20/13 3:59pm

Florida Man Arrested For Protesting Red Light Camera, Not For Nudity

A declared love of cocaine. A woman claiming to be God. Chief Keef impersonators. These are what we think of when we think of Florida. What we don't think of is people being arrested for handing out flyers at a red light, which doesn't sound that bad. » 9/18/13 9:47am 9/18/13 9:47am