Flying Five Miles High With No Motor Is Beyond Brave

As a stiff wind is disturbed passing over a mountain ridge, the resulting Mountain Wave can cause ripples in the air reaching altitudes up to 35,000 feet. Catching a rising column of air and riding that wave up to the edge of the stratosphere requires supplemental oxygen and a set of large stones. » 1/28/15 11:49am Today 11:49am

The McLaren 675LT Will Be A Lightweight, Long Tail Track Day Demon Spawn

The McLaren 675LT is coming, and it will be the most track ready 650S you can get. The "LT" stands for "Longtail," (not lightweight, like we thought) and that means it'll be bigger and faster than any 12C, 625C, or 650S that came before it. And it has a long tail HOLY CRAP. » 1/28/15 10:48am Today 10:48am

What Do You Want To Know About The Tesla Model S P85D?

I've somehow persuaded Tesla to give me a brand spankin' new Model S. But not just any Model S. The D. And not just any D. The P85D. Yeah, the one that causes mild-mannered grandmas to hurl uncontrolled expletives as their feeble bones take 1 g of lateral acceleration. That one. » 1/28/15 10:36am Today 10:36am

Ride Along As David Higgins Goes Bananas In The New WRX STI Rally Car

I just had the chance to drive the 2014 Subaru WRX STI Rally America car with champion David Higgins riding shot gun. I thought I was fast. Then I rode with David in his 2015 car. I wasn't close to fast. This is another angle of that run. » 1/28/15 10:11am Today 10:11am

Did Turkmenistan's Veyron-Driving President Just Ban Black Cars?

According to the BBC, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has started replacing the state's fleet with white cars last September, and now everybody in the country is being advised to forget about black paint as well, or else. Or else what? Exactly. » 1/28/15 9:51am Today 9:51am

Despite High Prices BMW Will Continue To Give Us The Diesel

Right now we are seeing record low gas prices, with less pain at the pump many car buyers aren't seeking maximum fuel efficiency. Since diesel can be a tough sell, fans of oil burning cars might worry that their options could be limited. BMW has announced that they are staying in the diesel game in the US for awhile. » 1/28/15 9:27am Today 9:27am

The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Is The Most Interesting Digital Car Yet

While the Forza guys have the new Ford GT, the team behind Gran Turismo is busy creating more digital cars that know not silly boundaries like marketability or pedestrian safety regulations. Yet, Alpine's latest is the monoposto of our dreams with some hints of what's coming next year. » 1/28/15 8:50am Today 8:50am

Pantsless Woman Arrested For DUI While Sitting On A Bottle

There's two amazing geographic details to this story: first, it did not take place in Florida, and second, it did take place in Beaver County, PA which should make our audience of 9 year old boys pee themselves. The incident itself involves a car wreck, an inebriated woman, a lack of pants, and a bottle, pressed under… » 1/27/15 9:35pm Yesterday 9:35pm

The Technology To Make Cartoon Cars Real Exists, Apparently 

Anyone who's been around cars long enough has likely encountered a certain kind of curvy, exuberant cartoon car, seemingly made of rubber and teenage boy sweat. They're something we all know when we see them, and we've always been pretty sure they don't exist in reality. Well, don't be so sure. This is Ron Berry's… » 1/27/15 9:05pm Yesterday 9:05pm

Get Over 50% Off The Wireless Active Wrap Headphones

Want some wireless headphones you can actually exercise with? For the active reader, we have a big discount on Active Wraps – bluetooth-enabled & noise-canceling headphones. Active Wraps stay attached as you run, jump, or climb – without having any wires in your way. Jalopnik readers can grab a pair for $24 – 51% off. » 1/23/15 12:55pm Friday 12:55pm

Get 50% Off ZeroLemon's Giant 20,000 mAh SolarJuice Battery

This ZeroLemon battery pack is simply put... epic. It's shockproof and rain-resistant, has huge capacity at 20,000mAh, and best of all – it's outfitted with solar charging capabilities if you're stranded without power. Jalopnik readers get 50% off + Free Shipping . » 1/27/15 5:43pm Yesterday 5:43pm