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Peter Vincent's New Photography Book Celebrates The Bonneville Salt Flats

Illustration for article titled Peter Vincents New Photography Book Celebrates The Bonneville Salt Flats

ST. PAUL, MN, October 2013 - Peter Vincent is arguably the most experienced photographer of Utah's legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. Every year for more than 20 years he has visited this unique American landscape with camera in hand.


The Bonneville Salt Flats: Two Decades of Photography by Peter Vincent is an evocative selection of thousands of images he has captured at Bonneville and its surroundings to deliver an exceptional photographic portrait.

Bonneville is a simple but challenging setting. Its flat, white surface and endless arc of sky above allow a photographer to bring a great degree of subtlety to his work. But there is little protection from the elements; high winds, blinding sun, and blistering heat contrast with immense rainstorms that can cover the basin in 6 to 12 inches of water within an hour's time. All of these conditions create an unusual yet creatively stimulating environment.


Vincent first came to the salt to photograph the racers who test their machinery upon the planet's ultimate proving grounds. Soon Vincent began to appreciate the salt flats and its surroundings as something more than just a location. In this book he explores the meaning of Bonneville from every possible angle of speed, culture, landscape, and light.

Vincent is not just a photographer's photographer; he truly loves and treasures his time on the salt each year as well as the friends he has made there. That passion comes through loud and clear in the pages of this book, with stunning landscape photography, engaging portraits, and, for the gearheads, a wide selection of unique and fascinating cars and motorcycles. We created this book to be an enjoyable experience whether you are a hot rodder, a land speed racing junkie, an admirer of the landscapes of the American West, or simply a lover of great photographs.

"I have yet to run out of inspiration with the landscape and the people," Vincent says. "The minimal and formalistic nature of this area of the country keeps pulling me further and further into the strange interchange it has with the subculture. I do not miss this gathering, ever. I respect the builders and racers as much as the artists, so it is a blending of the genres. I have also driven the course twice, which helped me to understand that driving passion, or 'salt fever'."

Source: Stance & Speed

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