Blind Man Sets New Land Speed Record At 186 MPH

This is 52-year-old Mike Newman driving a Porsche at an average of 186 miles an hour. Why is this a new land speed record? Newman is blind.

Newman managed the feat at the bumpy Bruntingthorpe airstrip in the UK, CarScoops reports with the help of a spotter vehicle guiding him along straight.

Yep, this guy drove significantly faster than you probably will ever go, and he's blind.

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Wow. That's pretty impressive.

Cars must be getting a LOT faster. I spend some time working for Aston Martin years ago and we did some straight line testing at Bruntingthorpe in (around) 1993. We were doing max speed runs to test the aero stalling of the front valance (lower bumper) and intercooler airflow and with the lead test driver behind the wheel and Student (me) running the data logging laptop from the passenger seat we only got to 177.6mph down that very same straight. In an Aston Martin Vantage. Considering that Porsche looked to be doing it from a standing start and we did it with a full bore run out of the corner at the top of the straight, that Porsche must go link stink compared to a 20 year old Aston. We had an entry speed of maybe 45-50mph and only gained 125 or so down the straight. The Porsche got to 186mph from standing? Holy crap.