Man Driving Mercedes With Hood Up Is Doing It Wrong

Dear Mercedes-Benz driver cruising on a 50 mph stretch of England's A31 roadway with your hood up: you're doing it wrong. The hood is supposed to go down when you're driving! Silly, silly Mercedes driver.

Of course, this guy's excuse was probably that his battery was dead and he had to juice it up by attaching a battery charger, but then he got super busy and just had to drive it around with the hood up while the battery recharged. Safety takes a back seat when you're busy, you know.


The BBC reports this video was captured by one of their presenters, Jon Cuthill, in Hampshire recently. A spokesman for AA (Britain's version of AAA, not that AA) had this to say:

"It highlights there are drivers out there outside the mould of normality."

That's a very English way of saying some people are fucking crazy and shouldn't be allowed to drive because they put the rest of us in danger.

Hat tip to Dan!

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