Man Wielding Sword Trounces Tasers, Sends Police Car Flying

The Tri-City Herald surveyed a pile of automotive carnage left behind by a drug-crazed maniac who plowed through a pair of police cars in his Dodge Ram at what local news is calling "over 100 MPH."


Early morning yesterday Finley, WA police responded to a domestic disturbance call at the house of Shannon DeWeber, whose estranged husband Shane, 33, was said to be demanding entry, brandishing a sword, "licking windows and acting out of character."

Police arrived and tased Shane, but the 260 pound man was apparently unaffected as he still managed to get to his Ram and escape down Highway 397.

It was only after the police set up a Need For Speed style road block and spike strip that they were able to bring the pickup to a stop. Shane avoided the spikes and aimed for the cars (that's a good strategy in the game) hitting a Crown Vic hard enough to send it airborne into a Taurus.

Gives a whole new meaning to the windshield-banner rhetoric: "If You Can't Dodge It, Ram It."

DeWeber was taken to intensive care, police officers walked away uninjured.

And if you want to see video from the scene, head on over to NBC.

Hat tip to Ian Knopp!


Michael Prichinello

I'll apologize in advance for being a grammar wanker, but I despise when people, especially reporters use "over' inaccurately, as in "over 100 MPH". Over is a measure of height. "more than 100 MPH", would be the right way to say it.

Next rant will be on "myself" and "epic".