Just when you thought the Range Rover Hybrid was the latest big-deal in off-roading, Ghe-O Motors steps on the scene and makes Batman's Tumbler look like a golf cart.

Fresh out of Romania, company founders Robert Oprea and Cristian Vlad are hoping to make Ghe-O the new name in extreme utility vehicles, with a promotional video as dramatic as it is long and initial offerings to include three main variants:

A twelve-seat transporter that looks like the monster-truck lovechild of a snowcat and a Polaris RZR simply called 'Rescue'.


A smaller-and-quicker 'Motorsports-Extreme Class' model perfect for pretending you're in one of those awesome Navy SEAL Desert Patrol Vehicles.


And my favorite: 'Firefighter', described on the company's website as: "A genuine two seats extreme offroad racing car who can carry for safety and conjunctural need a fire extinguisher with 250L water tank." So maybe their webmaster's English needs a bit more dialing-in, but conceptually it sounds like a recipe for righteousness.

Each model is highly customizable with a range of accessory-fittings and choices of diesel (218 to 304 HP) and gasoline-burning (340 to 500 HP) engines. Retail availability is still vague, but I'll try keep you posted if I can track down an asking price and expected delivery date.

With all that capability and slabby-sexiness for days, the Ghe-O lineup is my favorite thing to come out of Romania since Dragostea Din Tei. Catch a glimpse of their wares firsthand at the Salonul Auto Bucuresti if you're in Eastern Europe over the next five days!