Are you starting to go mad from getting teased by render after render of the upcoming 2015 Ford Mustang? Do you want it SO BAD that it's all you can think about? Here's the good news: you don't have very much longer to wait. Maybe a couple months, maybe a week.


Reuters reports that the newest iteration of Ford's pony car will be formally revealed in December, a month ahead of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

However, they say that "a select few members" of the automotive press will get to see it next week at a special preview at Ford's headquarters in Dearborn on the promise that they not release any information or photos of the car. That does not include Jalopnik, as we don't go to those kinds of things or agree to embargoes, although one of us may try to sneak in wearing a Road & Track t-shirt.

But embargoes are often broken, so pics or specs could easily leak out as early as next week. We could find out more about the Mustang well before December.

As Reuters notes and as we have previously reported, the new Mustang has been completely redesigned with a new rear-wheel drive platform, an entirely new exterior and interior design, will weigh considerably less than the current car, and have an EcoBoost turbo four-cylinder option in addition to a stonking V8 motor.


Keep your fingers crossed for a leak next week!

Render credit Josiah LaColla

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