This Might Be The Glorious Roar Of The 2015 Mustang's V8 Engine

We think we know a few things about the 2015 Ford Mustang. We think we know what it will look like. We're fairly sure it will lose the solid rear axle at last. We think it will have a turbo four-pot as well. For now, at least, we surely know the sweet sound of its V8 engine.


Spy video that captures what appears to be a heavily disguised 2015 Mustang prototype has been making the rounds on the web lately, and the best part is that it captures what certainly sounds like a V8.

I'm in agreement with Autoblog that most likely the new 'Stang will come with a version of the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine that's in the current Mustang GT. I'm also fine with that, because it's a badass engine that puts down 420 horsepower. It sure sounds like that engine in this video, but only God (and Ford) knows what's been done to the motor and exhaust tuning.

What do you think, Mustang experts? Does this sound like the real deal? I could definitely get used to that engine note if it is.

Hat tip to Cameron!



Ford should drop the V8 and go with turbo V6s. Along with ny retro styling cues.