Wrecked Car Displayed To Warn About Drunk Driving Hit By Drunk Driver

Know what an ouroboros is? It's a snake that's eating itself, and it's a sort of gruesome symbol of self-perpetuating, never ending cycles. Sort of like this drunk dumbass who wrecked his car into a wrecked car used to warn about the dangers of drunk driving. He's his own snake, eating his own tail.

While it's possible the 37-year old driver was making a statement about the cyclic, never-ending futility of being by ramming the wrecked car on display at the West Bloomfield, MI high school, it's also a possibility that he just made some really awful decisions. His passenger fled the scene, and the driver managed to elude police until later that day, where he was arrested and found to be on parole.


If he ends up back in prison, I heartily suggest a nice chest ouroboros for his next prison tattoo.

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