If You Want A Weird Porsche 911 Then You Need The Sbarro Challenge III

In the 1980s, Sbarro built a car called the Challenge III. It was based on a 911 chassis and used Porsche's 3.3 liter engine. Its looks were more X-Wing than 911, and Sbarro only built ten of them. Now one of the ten can be yours.

The car in question is number seven of the ten car run, and it is also the only one with four seats. Though the four seats are about as useful as they are in a 911, which means they are better to store bags or a gymnast infant than a full sized male or female human.


Sbarro built this car off the platform of a 1988 911 Carrera in 1990 (I believe this one is actually a Carrera 4), and kept basically nothing that you can see stock.

The interior is 1985 Don Johnson ivory white chic with a ruby red carpet for some added pizzaz. There are Lambo-style doors. I also think this might be the first car ever with a rear camera. Unlike the cars of today, which have a camera hidden under badges, Sbarro placed it very conspicuously in its own fishbowl type setting as if to say "look at me, my car has a camera out back. It's better and doorstoppier than your car."


Wheels are staggered in size, with 17s up front and 19s out back. In 1990, a 19 inch wheel would probably be nearly the largest on the road. This Challenge III is painted in what appears to be a pearlescent color, reminiscent of the famous Reflex Purple that was all over TVR Tuscans.


There is no price listed for this Sbarro, and I have no clue how much it would go for either. When you have a one-off coach built car like this, they either sell for an exorbitant "holy shit" amount of money or they're cheap because nobody is searching for one.


I tend to think that this one will be expensive, because look at it.

Basically, what you have here is the child of a Porsche and a doorstop. And that's something we all need in our lives.


Hat Tip to Wolc!

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