A couple of weeks ago we asked you to show us the smallest V8s ever made, and there were plenty of great answers. 3.8L, 3.0L, hell even a 2.6 motor made out of two Hayabusa engines. But none topped this, a 45 cubic centimeter masterwork – and it even sounds like a V8 should.


We've seen micro-engines before, including an awesome marine V12, but that was running on compressed air instead of gasoline, and something about this fuel-injected wonder just clicks with me. It's got a traditional V8 thrum and the fact that it's actually working makes it so much better.

The video description says the whole thing was built from scratch, and in the comments the builder says his next project is a V10, but that should take a "few years."

Now the only problem is to find a vehicle to put it in. How about Power Wheels?

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