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Watch the amazingly detailed assembly of a miniature V12 engine

Due to a language barrier and lack of back story, we aren't sure exactly what motivated the builder of this miniature V12 engine to construct such an intricate model, but watching him do so is incredibly impressive.


According to the Youtube description, this model was constructed with a combination of stainless steel, bronze and aluminum. The finished product runs off of compressed air and has a displacement of 12 cubic centimeters.

The soundtrack may be a little silly, but seeing this mini V12 go from raw metal to finished product is pure mini-engine porn at its finest.


[via Reddit]

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Tentacle, Dutchman, drives French

Ok, so you've got it running on compressed air.

Now, please, next step is to figure out how to get 12 mini sparc plugs installed and make it a true internal combustion engine. It has been done before, though not for an incredible 12 cc V12.