What's The Toughest Border Crossing In The World?

Some border crossings are as easy as showing a passport and getting on with your day. Others are slightly more involved....

It's a fairly open question as to which border crossing in the world is the very toughest. What might seem to be a fairly straightforward border crossing (like the US and Canada near Niagara Falls) can turn into a Kafkaesque episode (when the Canadians don't understand why someone would drive crosscountry for fun and you end up in interrogation for a few hours, not that I know that firsthand).


However, there are some border crossings that are unequivocally tougher than others, and they tend to be located in the more remote, more troubled, more bribe-friendly parts of the world.

What border crossing do you know to be the most difficult? Your stories are welcome.

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Photo Credit: US Customs and Border Patrol

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