'Fast Track' Your Kid With Racing-Stripe Adorned Stroller

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Dutch stroller-maker Easywalker has teamed up with MINI for an adorable bit of co-branding in which baby strollers will be sold in livery matching the car's signature looks. Also, it may be the first time in a generation Mini has made a product that's genuinelly light.


The Union Jack or white racing stripes on black, blue, or red could be covering your precious youngster while letting the world know you're a sporty parent for the bargain price of $850. Options, which exist, can bring MSRP to just shy of a grand.

If hot hatchbacks aren't your thing but you still want to start brainwashing your future-motorhead early, I bet you could convince yourself those stripes are from a Cobra or a Viper.

The promotional website starts with the line "A MINI EasyWalker stroller, for a 'mini person" which annoys me, because I came up with that gem on my own and was hoping to take credit for it.

The device is then described as capable of carrying 30 kilograms worth of kid, secured by a five-point harness. Mix-and-match colors are available for the roof and wheels (just like a car!) and apparently build quality is top-tier, though I'd hold out for some independent testing before plunking down the substantial entry fee.


I'm already on the case. My kid currently rides around in one of these and refers to it as his "racing seat."