If You Drive A Diesel You'll Get More Halloween Candy

It's science. Your kids know diesel is better, and they'll be pissed if little Jimmy gets more Gobstoppers and Schnozberries than they do. Don't let them down.

Audi has been making a rather hefty diesel push lately, if you hadn't heard, and to show just how it can help, they made this little video of trick or treating in a TDI. Guess what: Longer range equals more candy. That's a good thing.


This also means I was apparently a chump when I was a kid when my friends and I walked about 36 miles to get candy. Damn it.

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First, wtf is up with the lame candy that falls out of this thing? Does everyone in Germany only hand out hershey kisses?

B) , wtf is up with everyone driving 15 passenger vans into my neighborhood and dropping their teenagers off to get candy.

Lastly, really wtf, a cowboy, princess and a magician? Is this 1950? Should be more like cowboy Beebop, Toadstool, and Harry Potter.