Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Have you ever bought a suit tailored specifically for you? Okay, more germane to today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Audi, have you ever tied to sell a suit tailored specifically for you?

And now a little song.

Buar, Baur, Baur, Baur-Baur-Bimmer. Buar, Baur, Baur, Baur-Baur-Bimmer! Oh Baur Bimmer, you’re such a winner. You got me rockin’ with your pricing, 64% found it enticing. Buar, Baur, Baur, Baur-Baur-Bimmer.


German cars, you’ve just got to love ‘em. I mean building awesome cars is damn near what the nation does best. That is, seeing as they’ve failed at world domination not once but twice! Well, ok so they finally succeed at that by getting pretty much the whole rest of their neighbors into the European Union (ha, copy cats!), but still, their cars are LOTS better than that tenuous governing coalition.

One of the reasons that German cars rock is because they make a butt load of hot wagons. Sure, lots of countries offer long roofs, but the Germans like to bolt all their best hardware to theirs, truly putting the sport into sport wagon. One of the best and nicely sized of those has for years been Audi’s mid-ranger, the A4 Avant. Of course for some, that factory muscle ain’t enough, and they’ve got to add some crank on their own.


This 2001 B5 demonstrates the success of Audi’s restrained styling themes as the basic car looks as fresh today as it did when new more than a decade ago. Of course, there’s more to this one than just good looks.

Under its Aerocatch secured and faux carbon fiber striped hood lies a rabid 2.8-litre V6, and in the valley of the gods therein rests a twin scroll supercharger from Performance Engineering Systems. That 9 psi pump embiggens the power from about 180 stock to potentially upwards of 300 depending on the ECM chip that has been dipped.


The PES systems are reputed to be extremely well engineered and reliable, and of course if that were the only mod made to this Avant it would be worth our time here, but shizzle my drizzle it’s not. This Audi has gone through a transformation to meet its builder’s specific wants and personal desires, right down to its Pinot paint, S4-style front bumper, slew of suspension upgrades, and big-ass stereo system. Also, the personally chosen VAGON vanity plate is awesome if you - you know - really, really like VAG.


The question of course then is, taken together, would all these mods make this car fit a new owner to the proverbial T? There is a lot to like here, and the act looks d’bomb, both outside, on its B7 RS4 wheels, and inside where some additional Audi Sport and aftermarket bits dressing up the already awesome interior design.


The seller says that the work done to the car was professionally handled, and seems pretty proud of the car despite his desire to be rid of it. Strangely, he doesn’t seem to know the exact mileage, stating ‘Mileage I think is 119,xxx off the top of my head.’ Huh? He also somewhat cryptically notes that ‘There are a couple small things to still take care of yet can be driven anywhere.’ Personally, I’d like to get clarity on his concept of ‘small.’

So to recap; German wagon, probably balls to the wall quick, manually gearboxes, and presented with that cool ghosted hood/engine pic so you know its overall aesthetics have got to be all kind of cool. All that can all be yours - well somebody’s as I’m sure you, like me, are broke as a joke - for $8,500.


That’s like five-year old Civic coin and rolling in this Avant is surely a more attractive option. But is it a good deal? What do you think, is this professionally personalized Audi worth $8,500? Or, is this an Avant whose price isn’t fitting?

You decide!


Phoenix Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to some people call me Maurice Searcy for the hookup!

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