Darrell Wallace Is First Black Driver To Win NASCAR Race In 50 years

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Darrell Wallace, Jr., became just the second African-American driver to win a major NASCAR event today when he won at the Camping World Truck Race in Martinsville, Virginia. The last black driver to win a NASCAR race was Wendell Scott, in 1963. Mazel tov, Bubba!

Bubba Wallace's victory can actually be seen as a victory for NASCAR as a whole, which has made a big push in its diversity efforts. Bubba himself seemed to be aware of the significance of what he was doing when he gave an interview to USA Today back in September:

"(Young African-Americans) want to see who they can be like," Wallace said. "They look at NASCAR, (and) is there anybody there? No. Now it's my job to perform well on track and off track for kids of color … and for people to say, 'There's someone we can look up to now.' "


At the same time, it looks like Bubba's just happy that he finally won a race. Just look at his face:


Congrats again, Bubba!

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