Here Are Two Ways To Build The Subaru Legend We Never Got

What's better for maximizing your game than a friendly rivalry? Maybe an unfriendly one? But if the second isn't available, the first can work too. Just ask these two friends who've created a pair of Subaru RS coupes fit for inclusion in "things Subaru should have built."

On the season opener of /TUNED, Matt Farah looks at two different approaches to turning the tragically underpowered, but still fun, U.S.-market 2.5RS into the Impreza WRX STi 2.5RS (or unobtanium, 350-hp 22B) we wish we got here in the land of Dairy Queens and wall-to-wall Law And Order SVU.


The two Subaru guys have, over time, transformed their RSs into"R-STi" spec models, by way of a couple of drivetrain swaps, one a USDM, the other a JDM. Which is better? You decide. Either way, it's proof that where there's a will, there are at least two ways.

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