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Streetline Demonstrates Smart Parking Technology In Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 30, 2013 — A demonstration of advanced parking technology from Streetline and Cisco has been deployed in the busy Born Market area of Barcelona as part of a demonstration project on display at the Internet of Things World Forum being held this week in Barcelona, Spain.


Using patent-pending wireless sensor technology embedded in the pavement, the system captures information regarding the occupancy of parking spaces as well as parking patterns and trends to not only help motorists more quickly find parking but help City officials better manage the parking real estate across the City.

This is the first advanced parking project implemented jointly by Cisco and Streetline in Europe. Barcelona was selected for the project as a hub of smart city technology, and this demonstration supports Barcelona's dedication to smart city initiatives. Cities in North America and Europe are using the technology to improve availability and parking management, as well as help reduce congestion. An IBM study showed that parking is responsible for around 30% of traffic in cities across the globe, and the difficulty of parking deters 60% of people from participating city activities; underscoring the potential impact this technology could have in cities like Barcelona.


"We are delighted to be team up with Cisco to demonstrate this important technology in Barcelona," said Zia Yusuf, CEO of Streetline. "These solutions are helping to solve parking issues in cities around the world, and putting them on the first step to becoming a truly connected city."

The current demonstration falls within the strategy being undertaken by the City Council to become a world reference for Smart Cities, putting technological advances at the service of civic well-being. This project in the urban center will also provide information that enables the City to improve the planning and management of urban mobility.

The Streetline solution, with its corresponding sensors, has been installed near the recently-renovated Born Market, now a cultural center surrounded by narrow medieval streets in the Ciutat Vella district, near the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.

Streetline's parking solutions have been successfully implemented in over 40 cities in Europe and North America, including Birmingham and Manchester in the UK, Braunschweig, Germany, and Fort Lauderdale, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New Brunswick , New York, and San Mateo in the US.


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