FAA Finally OKs Use Of Electronics At Any Time During A Flight

The stone age is over. The FAA has just announced that electronic devices can be used during any phase of a flight. No more waiting till 10,000 feet to listen to more Kanye or play Candy Crush!

This doesn't mean that you can make phone calls or use your electronics all willy nilly during flight. Airlines will begin going through their fleets now and should be able to prove to the FAA by the end of the year that they can handle using an electronic device during a flight.


Cell phones are still not allowed to make calls on a plane, but they can be in airplane mode. During takeoff and landing, laptops, iPads, Kindles, and other similar devices will still need to be stored in a seatback pocket.

But immediately after takeoff, it'll be a book-reading, music-listening, game-playing free-for-all in the skies.

Or, you could consider not staring at a screen for your entire flight and read an actual physical book instead. Or buy something from SkyMall. Either or.

Still, this is a good step from the FAA, since we all know that these regs have been a little nuts for years now.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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