Richard Hammond And A Pink Lamborghini Will Just Melt Your Heart

Emilia is an awesome kid in England who unfortunately is very sick. But when awesome kids get sick and are offered a wish for anything in the world, what do they wish for? That's right. Richard Hammond and a crazily pink Lamborghini Aventador.


If you couldn't tell what kind of person Emilia is just from her wish, you could probably tell from the fact that when Hammond knocked on her door, she was already wearing her very own pink race suit. The whole thing was put together by charity Rays of Sunshine, which grants wishes to children ages 3-18 in the United Kingdom.

The Lamborghini Aventador, which was originally white according to The Supercar Kids which had the scoop, was plasti-dipped pink by HR Owen on Emilia's request, and even jaded, crusty old journalist Hammond was wowed by her spirit:

“It was a real privilege to be asked to make a contribution to such an inspiring, positive, unique and uplifting occasion. Emilia was charming and wonderful. There was every chance she could have been shy, but she chatted nonstop. It is truly inspiring how brave people are. Hearty congratulations to Rays of Sunshine for organising yet another unique and special occasion and to H R Owen for pulling out all the stops.”

Unfortunately the Lambo's already been turned back to its previous white color, but it's still awesome that Lamborghini UK went to such lengths to fulfill Emilia's wish and temporarily create the world's only pink Aventador. Even still, I expected pink to look a bit like Malibu Barbie's Corvette, but there's no way this shade doesn't work:

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Big props to Rays of Sunshine, Lamborghini, HR Owen, and of course, Richard Hammond, for making this all come together. Even if it is a bit weird to see the shouty one be so darn polite.


Jay Lauer

I can't help thinking Jeremy was involved making this video, due to the Phil Collins.