When Does A Model Year Really Start Anyway?

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Carmakers Unveil Some 2015 Models More Than a Year EarlyBloomberg Businessweek


When does a model year really start, anyway?

On a rainy evening in early October in Manhattan’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood, more than 300 journalists, car dealers, and members of New York’s high society crowded around a tiny stage as Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ruby Amanfu warmed up the room with soulful tunes about life and love. “Thank you so much,” she said after her set as the group awaited the introduction of the evening’s featured guest. “We’re so honored to be here for the 2015 Cadillac Escalade reveal.”

Treasure Trove: Kazuto Garage's Secret Wheel WarehouseMy Life At Speed

Holy shit that's a lot of wheels!

I’ve never been involved in a barn find. The excitement that must come from uncovering millions of dollars’ worth of metal in a shed is not something I have ever experienced. However, I’m pretty certain the emotions I felt as I wandered around Kazuto Garage’s secret wheel warehouse came very close.


A Photojournal Trip Across the CountryHooniverse


Hi. This is awesome. Enjoy.

The cross country road trip is one of those American phenomena that simply cannot be delivered similarly anywhere else. Sure, there are wide expanses of countryside in Canada, Russia, Australia, China, etc., but none are quite like the good ‘ol US with its widely varying countryside vistas, the excellent cityscapes, the comfortably large well-paved lanes. Our interstate system is becoming rapidly outdated, but still makes for relatively easy drives from end to end.


Venezuela investigates sports stars in big currency scamReuters


Hmmm. What exactly is going on and how will this impact Pastor Maldonado in F1 and EJ Viso in IndyCar?

Prosecutors in Venezuela are investigating members of its national motorsports teams for possible currency violations, officials said on Thursday, and the sports minister said tens of millions of dollars were claimed by people forging her signature.


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