Will Ferrell Shot 70 Ads For The Dodge Durango As Ron Burgundy

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When Chrysler teased four ads with Ron Burgundy hawking the Dodge Durango last week, we thought that it would be one or two quick ads. We were wrong. Really wrong. They're doing 70 of them and, so far, they're brilliant.


By some mahogany-wrapped miracle, Chrysler, Paramount and Will Ferrell got together and made 70 — sev-en-ty — different ads for the Durango. Not just TV ads. Some viral ads, Vines, skits and some stuff that'll never make it to TV. And a few for the Dodge brand as a whole.

Chrysler showed a few this morning, but not all of them are online yet. ("They'll be added over time," a spokeswoman tells us.) We saw a few. They're all great. It's hard to pick a favorite, because there are so many. The one where he calls out each one of the Dodge models and says "put it in your grandma's name!" Amazing. References to the oil crisis in the Middle East and exclaims "We'll all be driving on moon gas!"? Ballsy.

There's one where he uses Chrysler's UConnect nav system to go to "House of Thighs Burlesque" that's definitely not making it to TV.

"Don't judge me, that is a classy chicken burlesque joint. House of Thighs just has great chicken. There's no getting around it. All I'm doing is supporting the economy. What are you doing?"


"The rear seats fold all the way flat. You know what that means." *about 20-seconds of eye-fucking the camera*



"When you're driving the new Dodge Durango, it isn't about the nappa leather seats or the seven-passenger seating. No, the real question is: Does it make your dingle jingle? Or does it make your dingle tingle? Does it handbag the grocers? Does it give you the ol' sticky beak? No, I'm asking you as a a man, does it make your pee-pee go boom?"


So how did Chrysler pull this off? Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois — the guy who brought us the Eminem Super Bowl ad, but also the guy who brought us the Jennifer Lopez Fiat ads — says that this is only Chrysler's "contribution" to helping promote "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," so it sounds like Chrysler didn't have to spend a ton of marketing.

More importantly, as Juan noted, the Durango is increasingly important to the Dodge brand and Chrysler as a whole. I've talked with Chrysler dealers in the past and many have acknowledged that customers come to showrooms with a Durango in mind, but leave with a Grand Cherokee.


And Chrysler themselves know that they haven't been promoting the Durango like they should. I talked with both current and former Dodge CEOs about the SUV, and they said to expect a heavy play for the Durango because marketing had been nonexistent for the past few years. Well, here it is.

UPDATE: Looks like Dodge is trickling them out one by one, so here's another one.


I thought he drove a Dodge Stratus.