Utah Man Drives Truck Up Capitol Steps, Gets 'Hands On' With Police

These United States of ours are wide and varied in their cultures and customs, but driving your pickup truck up the steps of your state capitol is considered universally unacceptable wherever you go. A Utah man learned this the hard way yesterday after police got "hands on" with him.


Salt Lake City TV station KSL reports that the suspect, 36-year-old Gerald Green, drove his truck up the steps on the west side of the capitol. He then parked next to the doors, wandered inside and began banging on the locked doors of the Utah Supreme Court where he reportedly screamed "This is my house. I demand to be in my house."

Needless to say, Utah state troopers were not pleased with the situation.

"The suspect was noncompliant," Utah Highway Patrol Capt. Barton Blair said. "A Taser was deployed. He was wearing loose-fitting clothing, which made that Taser ineffective, and our troopers ended up going hands on, as we say, with the individual and taking him into custody."


Emphasis mine. It's true that tasers can be less effective if the one getting tased is wearing thick or loose clothing. It's also possible that these troopers just wanted an excuse to kick his ass. Can you blame them? The dude drove a truck up the capitol steps.

Charges are pending for Green. I wonder how many points you get on your license for that?

Hat tip to Matthew!

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Davos Swinney

Frankly I'm surprised all they used were tasers. A truck pulled up that close to a building screams "bomb" in my mind.