2015 Hyundai Genesis: This Is It

Remember that time Hyundai said they were gonna go upmarket with a bigger sedan that would be as good as the big boys at a heavy discount and then we all scoffed heartily? That happened a few years ago. And now it's time for a new one.

Hyundai just showed off this CG rendering of its 2015 Genesis, the car we've now seen testing quite a bit in the last few weeks on our own soil, and it looks quite a bit different than the current car.


That's not a bad thing, because the current Genesis is the definition of a motoring appliance. It also doesn't really have a unique or defined design direction, which makes the Genesis more an amalgam of design than something unique.

But this new Genesis, well, it's decidedly sleeker than the outgoing model. The sweeping lights and more fastback-y rear deck are all welcome changes to the now kind of stagnant Genesis design.


I kind of like it.

We'll see the real pictures of the car soon, and hopefully get a look in person not too far after.

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