We Should All Fear Elon Musk's New Lotus

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OK, Elon Musk is either an insane James Bond fan or an evil genius. Why would he spend an absurd amount of money on a Lotus Esprit sub?


It's all part of his master plan, duh. Musk is taking to the seas next to be the a Bond villain.


ATX211 knows what's up. Maybe it's time to be scared now:

Do you guys even understand what is happening!?! Now he is acquiring good guy gadgets. He has already developed his missiles to destroy the moon at SpaceX! He is obviously testing his fiery death time bombs in the Model S, and now he is buying Bond Gadgets!

If you see this guy wearing an Omega watch, we are all fucked. Like flying sharks fucked.

Get ready, Daniel Craig. You're going to need to battle Elon Musk soon. Wait, isn't a Model S just as fast as the stuff Aston Martin's putting out these days? A McLaren P1 Bond car might work.

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Congratulations, Mr. ATX211, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with a beautiful Lotus which this lovely lady will bring to you when she finds her top.