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Your Next Car Will Drive Itself

Autonomous cars. They're closer than you think. So what's good with that and what's bad with that? Believe it or not, there are plusses and minuses.


This week on After/Drive, Mike Spinelli, Andrew DelColle from Popular Mechanics (who wrote this article about riding in a Cadillac with super cruise), and yours truly sat down to discuss the autonomous and semi-autonomous future of motoring.

Some parts, like sitting in highway traffic, are going to get better. Other parts, like legal liability, could be confusing. Sit back and watch us break it down.

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I don't know why everyone is so resistant to self-driving cars. 99% of the fears associated with it are pretty much all unjustified and biased.

I enjoy driving as much as the next guy. Driving can be a huge amount of fun. But I have a commute. And that really kills the buzz for driving if you're driving 2-3 hours everyday just back and forth to work.

I say bring it on so long as they are done well.