Undercover Cop Stood By As Bikers Beat Range Rover Driver

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It keeps getting stranger, this Range Rover vs biker attack. An undercover NYPD narcotics recently revealed he stood by and watched as motorcycle riders dragged Alexian Lien out of his SUV and beat him in front of his family.


An unidentified undercover narcotics officer and motorcycle enthusiast revealed on Wednesday night that he was part of Sunday's mass ride as part of the biker group the First Line Soldiers. He was a witness to the final beating, the New York Post reports. Other police officers are also members of this club and may have been present for the final attack as well.

“He didn’t want to blow his cover” an unidentified law enforcement source told the New York Post.

The narcotics officer in question has acquired a lawyer, but has not been charged with anything.


Lets Just Drive

To Those Who May Not Know,

There is a significant difference between an active duty patrol officer and an undercover detective perusing an active and ongoing investigation. Had this been an on duty patrolman, and he'd done nothing, I'm sure there would be cause for investigation and the upping of lawyer. However, this was apparently an undercover detective active on assignment and while the social outrage may feel real, there are even more real and important reasons why this officer should probably be given a pass considering, and this is important, he didn't really have to come forward at all and could have simply reported it to his superiors. But let's not forget that a number of supposedly innocent and uninvolved bystanders also did nothing.

It's a terrible situation, all around. There's no question.

PS, if one more person says that none of this would have happened in a concealed carry state I am going to positively shit a brick.