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A 250CC Middle Finger To The Government Shutdown — Road & Track

Brilliant piece from our friends at R&T. Take that, you government people you. We did share it yesterday on the Kinjas, but it rocks so yeah, you should read it.

As absurd as this whole “government shutdown” thing is, there’s a silver lining. Our nation’s national parks are, for the most part, now vacant. If you have the means, the determination, and the willingness to risk a brush with law enforcement, you can enjoy our protected lands as they’re rarely viewed: without flocks of tourists spoiling the experience.

1993 Ferrari 348TS: Six-Year Ownership Report — Ferrari Chat


We saw this little tidbit over on Hooniverse and had to share it. What does it really cost to own an F car? You're about to find out.

As of today (Sept 7, 2013), I’ve owned my 1993 348ts Serie Speciale (#55/100) for six years. Back in 2008, I published my one-year ownership report (1993 348ts - First Year's Report), which was well-received. Over the years, I’ve continued to keep fairly detailed records on the car, and I recently had a major service done (the first under my watch), so I thought it would be a good time for an update…

At Home With Jeff Gordon: The Superstar Driver Is (Finally) Shifting Gears — Forbes


Race car drivers: They're just like us!

Jeff Gordon is ecstatic, bounding down the stairs of his soaring Charlotte, North Carolina, home, relaying details of how he just conquered his most challenging–and frequently traveled–road course. Clad in jeans and a T-shirt, he gives his wife, former model Ingrid Vandebosch, a high five, rattling off the details of his win, down to the corners he skimmed and the passes he executed.