Honda Wants Stores To Help Autonomously Park Your Car

Every car company seems to be guaranteeing autonomous cars before the end of the decade. But the levels of autonomy greatly differ. Some automakers seem to envision a car taking you from place to place, Honda sees it parking itself, if the store lets you.


Parking in a crowded garage is basically the bane of every driver's existence. You have to drive slowly, a turn taken too narrowly can rip off a side of the car, and once you park you're always at risk for door dings. Like in bumper-to-bumper traffic, parking in a garage is a natural place for a car to go autonomous.

Audi and Ford have both been working on fully autonomous ways to park cars, and now Honda wants to as well, but their system is slightly different.


Instead of using a bunch of expensive sensors that would make a Honda Fit the price of a beak nosed Acura, Honda wants to use the backup cameras as well as the security cameras at the shopping center in order to help the car park itself. They think that using the already integrated security infrastructure will make it cheaper to integrate in more cars.

The issue is that the tech would work only for Hondas, so if Toyota implemented a similar system, a Honda lot wouldn't park a Toyota, and a Toyota lot wouldn't park a Honda. Though I think it's in their best interests to make the system universal to everyone can take advantage.

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Turbineguy: Nom de Zoom

"But the levels of autonomy greatly differ" In this case, the car will light your cigarette for you.. (the gentleman in the red shirt is not a smoker)