Dario Franchitti Not Seriously Hurt After Big Crash In Houston [UPDATE]

He's been transported for a sore ankle and back, but nothing too bad. UPDATE: It turns out that "sore ankle and back" really meant that he fractured two vertebrae and broke his ankle, but he won't require surgery according to Jenna Fryer with the AP. And he's got a concussion.


Gif courtesy TheScore!

[UPDATE]: 13 people were injured by flying debris, including two track workers who were taken to the hospital, according to the local ABC affiliate. Most of the injured were treated at the track. (Thanks JohnTheRaceFan!)


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Grant Leavitt

Should update the post, Michael. 13 fans were injured, but treated onsite, 2 sent to hospital.

The major issue is whether to allow grandstands on the outsides of corners like this, or to enforce a minimum distance for a grandstand to be from the track. Obviously, only 1 of the two fence sections made it far enough to get into the stands, but other pieces such as a tire went farther. Had the grandstand been 50 feet farther from the track, maybe there wouldn't have been any injuries. The catch fencing did its main job, keeping the car within the confines of the track, but there was too much force for the fence and it was ripped away from the concrete barriers. As for the outside/inside of the corners argument, almost no crashes send debris towards the inside of the corner (any debris that does is forced that way by a secondary acting force such as rebound forces). I've never heard of anyone on an inside corner getting hurt...

Just saying...