Tesla Uses AT&T For In-Car Communications Because Who Needs Reception?

Tesla has announced that all of its cars will be equipped with an AT&T chip for connections like roadside assistance and stolen-vehicle location. Problem is that AT&T is consistently panned for dropped calls and bad service. Is this a smart decision?

For AT&T, it's a great move. They've been looking for ways to expand beyond regular cellular communications, so the Tesla contract is a coup. AT&T has also replaced Verizon as GM's On-Star provider, starting in 2015, giving them a large footprint in the automotive space.


The issue I see would have to be the constant complaints I hear from friends who have AT&T, that their phones drop calls or simply don't work in crowded events, like at a race or football game. If AT&T can straighten that all out, then they'll be in like a dirty shirt. If they don't, expect the Tesla crowd to start complaining immediately.

That is, if they can get reception and people can hear them.

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