Watch The 'Speed Kills Myth' Guy Dominate This Debate On Speed Limits

You know Chris Thompson from the best takedown of the 'Speed Kills' myth you've ever seen. A British Columbia news show brought him on for a live debate and he absolutely dominated.


The main concerns that #Unfiltered's Jill Krop and guest Vivian Krause pose are straightforward:

  • Everyone drives over the speed limit, so if the speed limit is raised, everyone will go way, way too fast.
  • Reckless youths in their 'hot rods' like to drive recklessly over the speed limit, so they will drive even more recklessly if speed limits are upped.
  • People in old cars and people who are skittish drive at or under the speed limit as it is, so if the limit is raised, they'll be going dangerously slow.

Thompson absolutely defeats all of these arguments thoroughly — watch this short six minute video and you'll see his amazingly clear, calm reasons why raising limits where appropriate is still the right thing to do.

(Hat tip to drivesJapanesedesiresEuro!)

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