California Drivers Can Get A Snoopy License Plate To Save Museums

Illustration for article titled California Drivers Can Get A Snoopy License Plate To Save Museums

Some people really like Peanuts characters. And some people write checks, which is probably why they pay their bank a little more and get checks with Charlie Brown or whomever on them. But seriously, who'd want to pay the state to get a license plate with Snoopy on it?


Actually, more than 9,200 Californians signed up to get a Snoopy license plate, the LA Times reported yesterday. That significantly exceeded the 7,500 people needed to get the DMV to approve the plate and pretty much sets up the governor to sign the bill giving California drivers the option to pay an extra $50 a year in registration to have Snoopy on their vehicle.

At least the extra $50 on top of the normal car registration demanded by the state will go towards funding California's museums and not someone's bank.

It's part of a bill from a San Diego assemblywoman, who thinks Snoopy is "a cultural institution and having his partnership in support of our museums is sure to make a huge difference in keeping them financially strong."

That's a lot of pressure for one cartoon beagle. At least now your aunt can write a Charlie Brown check each for her Snoopy registration and your birthday card.



I'd pay an extra $50 for Snoopy, just not that particular Snoopy. Joe Cool or WWI Flying Ace? Absolutely. I've been a big Peanuts fan my whole life and this is something I can get behind.