These are reportedly patent filings for an upcoming Ferrari. I can say with confidence it is a coupe version of the Ferrari FF. That would make it, in my eyes, the best car Ferrari could make.

These images surfaced on the website jokeforblog, a site with a decent track record, under the headline "Ferrari FF 2 seats from Euro patent register." The images are followed with this caption, translated from Italian.

I think it's a version model only "ONE OFF" created for a single customer. Also because another 2-seater with front engine would end up cannibalizing the F12 Berlinetta.

These images may be a hoax, it's hard to say sine the only source right now is an Italian blogspot.


There are a number of theories of what they depict, however, I will say it is unquestionably a coupe version of Ferrari's surprisingly bizarre FF shooting brake.

One theory is that this is the 2015 Ferrari California, put forward by MotorAuthority. If this car is indeed the next California, it would be a convertible, and as you can tell, there's no way in hell that the roof of this car could fold up into the trunk. Not happening.


Another theory is that this is a Ferrari F12 with an FF-esque bodykit. The looks kind of back this theory up: the rear of the car has a very F12 feel to it, and there are slots on the hood and side panels that match the F12's weird aero slot. Moreover, it would be much, much cheaper to rebody an F12 than it would be to reengineer the roof of an FF.

However, there's one small detail that clearly marks this car as an FF — the door mirrors. They perfectly match the mirrors on the FF production car and they do not match the mirrors on the Ferrari F12 or any other current Ferrari. There is no reason why Ferrari would swap the mirrors of one car into another, since it would require them to pointlessly rewire random parts of the car.


So what we are looking at here, if this is legit, is a shortroof version of the FF, with new aero trim and a totally reworked front grill, one which is vastly better than the Cheshire grin of the production FF. Basically, this car would be Ferrari building a prettier FF, which would make it (as far as I'm concerned) the most interesting, classic, usable, instantly lustworthy car in the entire Ferrari lineup. If they keep the wonderfully complicated second-transmission four-wheel-drive system in this car, this would remain the most curiously-engineered car in the Ferrari stable, as well.


Of course, as I said earlier, this whole thing might be a hoax. And if it is built, it probably will be a one-off built for Ferrari's Special Projects program. And if only one person gets to own this thing, that person is one lucky bastard.

(Hat tip to Herman Smidt!)