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Does This Dash Cam Video Show A Body Stuffed In A Trunk? (Updated)

Illustration for article titled Does This Dash Cam Video Show A Body Stuffed In A Trunk? (Updated)

Today we came across something direct from the Department of WTF: A dash cam video purportedly from the Eastern European nation of Belarus that just may or may not show a body stuffed into the trunk of a Suzuki Swift hatchback. What the what?

The video, which showed up on Carscoops earlier today, shows a driver equipped with a dash cam who pulls into a gas station behind the Swift. Their camera captures the Swift's driver as he gets gas, takes off his rear license plate, and then opens his rear hatch to reveal what sure looks like a set of arms lying motionless in the trunk. The YouTube comments offer no guidance as to what's going on.


Now, we need to hedge here that we really have no idea what the situation is here. It could be a prank video meant to go viral right before Halloween. It could be an honest, hardworking Belarusian who is transporting mannequin arms in his trunk and realizes that his plates are out of date.

Or, you know, it could be a dude with a dead or soon-to-be dead person in his trunk who needs to change his plates because he's on the run from the law. But why check the trunk and change the plates in the middle of the day, with so many witnesses around?


That leads me to believe it's a hoax. For the sake of whoever's in that trunk, I certainly hope I'm right.

Update: Good news! It was a mannequin and not a dead body. Check out this story on the Belarusian news site Onliner for the scoop. Here's what they reported, c/o Google Translate:

A user of our forum 7604672sveta assures that went to Suzuki (spelling and punctuation preserved website) "We went to Brest and very late. Therefore removed the numbers. In the trunk of the dummy were taken (one store in Brest, Belarus in the second). When leaving us ostonovil refueling crew Gay. After checking the documents (driving my car was her husband, known enough people in our city!) Staff laughed a lot and wished us a good trip! And you (the author) I wish, if so do you do "good works", the next time zyrit of its Gazelle and vtihorya to call 102 and go up and act like a real man - would have asked "what you have in Cargo space?" , especially since we were not in the woods, and at the gas station! Yes, and we did not face criminal! And next time I'll take a room in the forest. "

Hat tip to Erzhik Tem!

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Okay, putting aside the human in the trunk, is switching out license plates a regular thing in Belarus? Because that's some suspicious stuff right serial killer/kidnapper suspicious.