This Is How Red Bull Makes F1 Parts At Home

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In part three of Red Bull Racing's behind the scenes series, we learn about the machinery that's responsible for the in-house production of 70% of the parts that make up their F1 cars.


The RB9 has 6,500 parts and about 100,000 components, 2/3 of which can be produced at the machine shop at the team's base in Milton Keynes. Using over twenty milling machines and sixty different metallics and composites makes Red Bull Racing capable of modifying or rebuilding the car in the tight gap between two race weekends.

Enjoy as the metal turns into tiny pieces of art:

Photo credit: Nick J Webb


Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

How Red Bull really makes their cars part 3

1. After Vettel and Webber's cars are made, it is time for testing.

2. The testing reveals that Vettel and Webber's car are too similar, and one of the mechanics is told to do his job.

3. His job is to make sure that Webber's car is tested for "endurance" capabilities. These tests include:

  • What happens if someone pisses in the gas tank?
  • If the oil is replaced with 40 weight, will it effect performance?
  • How long can the gearbox survive in a cage match with a silver back gorilla?
  • Can the car survive a dip in the ocean?

5. Only after these tests are performed to Webbers car is it race ready.

6. Vettel gives his car an "interesting" name.

7. The cars are now ready for the season.

Meanwhile at Suaber: