This Is How Red Bull Racing Builds Championship Winning F1 Cars

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In the coming weeks, Red Bull Racing will present four short films taking us behind the scenes at Milton Keynes. Here's the first one with a bunch of numbers and Adrien Newey drawing by hand.

The best designer in the business, five months of development, thousands of parts in the wind tunnel every week and 30,000 design changes throughout the season.

Don't bet agains Sebastian Vettel anytime soon...

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

How Red Bull Racing F1 cars are actually made:

1. a pentagram is drawn by Newey on the wind tunnel's floor with Red Bull, the lights are turned out, and Infiniti logo candles are lit.

2. all of the engineers gather around the pentagram in Red Bull officially licensed cult robes holding laptops with CAD and aero simulation software.

3. Vettel leads a young bull into the middle of the pentagram

4. Newey takes out a golden stylus and carves out the outline of the car in the bull's skin

5. Horner leads the group in a chant, "Multi twenty ooooooonnnnnnneeeeeee, Multi twenty ooooooonnnnnnneeeeeee, Multi twenty ooooooonnnnnnneeeeeee."

6. the wind tunnel starts up by itself as the chant gets louder and faster.

7. a torrent of money is blasted at the bull by the wind tunnel

8. the bull lets out a frightening howl as there is suddenly a blinding flash

9. everything goes dark and silent, Newey proclaims, "It. Is. Done."

10. the lights come up, and there in the middle of the pentagram, where the bull just moments before stood, sits the new f1 car.

Meanwhile at Marussia: