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A Rich Texan Bought The Packard Plant [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled A Rich Texan Bought The Packard Plant [UPDATE]

What was once worth a measly $21,000 a few days ago just sold on the auction block for more than $6 million. The sadly vacant Packard Plant just fell into the hands of a Texas family doctor.


Why Jill Van Horn, a practitioner from Ennis, Texas, dropped $6,038,000 on the 3.5-million-square-foot post-apocalyptic wreck is beyond anyone's comprehension, because why the hell would a doctor be interested in an old auto plant? Maybe it's because Van Horn's husband, George, is really into classic cars, but nonetheless she's expected to release a statement today.


There's a bit of speculation over whether George Van Horn the auto repair guy is also George Van Horn the real estate developer who was involved in keeping Houston from annexing The Woodlands, Texas, a planned suburb on the city limits. A real estate developer buying the plant might make sense. But considering Ennis is a suburb of Dallas, that's a hell of a lot of commuting for someone with his finger in a bunch of different pots.

Whatever happens, let's hope at least one of the Van Horns has a better plan than this guy. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE: Per the Freep, Van Horn and a team of investors plan to turn the site into a modular home-building facility. No exact word on how to clean up the chemical wasteland lying beneath the ruins, though.]

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